Thursday, January 15, 2009


Lily was stamped on black glossy paper. This photostamp is just one of my favourites from The Stampsmith.Watered down inks were applied lightly to colour the image. Corners were punched out from blue cardstock and sponged lightly with black to give a vintage look. The background papers that I used are quite different and I like that look. I used various stamps on blue paper with black ink. After tearing the inside edge, it was then placed beside a chocolate brown printed sheet. Distressing the background papers like I did on the corners helps to bring the whole card together. All was completed with embellishements of a punched heart, a flower brad and a little glitter.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bleeding Hearts for Mom

My mother was an excellent gardener. The only plant she could never seem to grow was a bleeding heart. I think every section of her garden hosted a new plant every year, but no hope!
To this day when I see a bleeding heart in any form, I can't think but think of her.
This card is dedicated to her. The actual stamp is watercoloured. Using the oval nestablities, I centered the stamp. Added ribbon and corner embellisments to the corners.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Stamping Friends

For the past 4 years ,I have meet with group of passionate stampers weekly. We share and motivate one another.Card making is the bond we have and a real highlight is when it is one of the members has a birthday. You never have seen such a frenzy when we give personalized cards to the celebrated one. I am not so sure who is the one most excited, the one receiving or the one giving. We all drool over each others cards in wonderment of "How did you do that"?What an amazing group these ladies are. This card,was given by me last night, to honour Brenda's birthday. I also would like to salute each of these wonderful friends who have all given me the inspiration that drives me to try something new.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here is another beautiful stamp. As you can see, I layered the background with different papers. Even though the papers are veried you can unified them by distressing all edges of all papers with a lightly inked make-up sponge. If you like the vintage look like I do, I often used a sepia or light brown. Go lightly first and increase to acquire the look you like. The chocolate brown cardstock was first stamped with Versa Mark,then embossed with pink.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photo Stamps

You will notice that my favourite stamps are the photo stamps.
I love how real they look, once coloured with pastels, or water down ink.
It takes lots of practice to ink your stamp and to apply it to glossy paper. Each stamp has a mind of its own. Finding the right firmness when pressing on paper. It can be frustrating, but stick to it and you will love the results.
This stamp is from Oxford Impressions. The Rose background behind the stamp is from one of those beautiful tissue boxes. Anything that you love can be saved and used somewhere.

Card Creations

As I begin this new journey, I am excited to share, inspire and create a part of my life that has brought such an expression of my creativeness. What a wonderful hobby. Hope you will join me, at any time.